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400 South Main Street
Moultrie, GA 31768
SUNDAYS: 9:15am Sunday School / 10:30am Worship


Our History

Short History of First Baptist Church

In 1876 the Mercer Association of the Georgia Baptist Convention employed a missionary to go into the large and primitive areas of South Georgia to establish new congregations. First Baptist Church was organized as the Moultrie Missionary Baptist Church on May 30, 1880 with a total of nine members. As most church beginnings in the time, they first met under a brush arbor. They soon called their first pastor and erected a very crude and small one room church house in the area between where Lazarus and Brewer-Costin Insurance is now.

With the addition of the Railroad in 1894 Moultrie’s growth boomed.  Moultrie Baptist Church built a much more substantial and larger church near where Mim’s Paint is now. It included a steeple and a baptistery. The congregation continued to grow as Moultrie grew. Soon the need for a larger church was realized and in 1905 a beautiful church building was constructed on the grounds where Ameris Banking and parking are located. At sometime in these years the church became known as First Baptist Church, Moultrie, GA.

Our current building located at 400 South Main St was built in 1955. A chapel was added in 1975. And the newest addition with more classrooms, new kitchen, social hall and offices was built in 1988.

First Baptist Church has had only 21 pastors in its 130 years. Portraits of all of the pastors, except for Pastor Wayne, are displayed in the conference room. We have minutes dating back to 1905 plus membership records of most everyone who has ever joined.

In celebrating our 125th anniversary in 2005, a Heritage Center was created to hold historical documents and pictures pertaining to the church. It is located at the end of the library hallway and you are welcome to visit by notifying the church office. A complete history was written in 2005 and copies can be obtained from the church office as well.

In the past 130 years the world itself has grown and changed in ways that our ancestors could not have foreseen.  So, too, has our church.  Many new programs and ministries, together with an Internet presence, provide First Baptist Church Moultrie with outreach opportunities that were unthought of until now.  Because of the ministry of First Baptist Church, its former pastors and former members, countless thousands of souls have been added to the Kingdom of Heaven.  As we look to the future, we must accept the challenge to grow spiritually while reaching those in our community of Moultrie, and those outside our community as well. (p.65, A Brief History of First Baptist Church Moultrie, GA)